Perfect Fitness Calorie Monitor

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  • Not compatible with Android 4.0
  • Measure daily calorie burn with 3D Accelerometer
  • Track steps
  • Displays time


The Perfect Calorie Monitor allows you to track the steps you take and tells you the total calories you burn in a 24-hour period. It uses an advanced 24-hour calorie burn formula based on your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and activity rate to estimate your daily calorie burn rate. Watching calories in versus calories out can help you maintain a healthy weight. The more you know the more you can burn. The monitor of this fitness pedometer can store up to seven days' worth of data. All of your activity in the last week is easily retrievable with the touch of a button. Conveniently, this item can be used in conjunction with the free Perfect App for smart phones so that you can track progress and create goals anywhere and anytime. This pedometer is a wonderful tool for anyone looking to drop a few pounds. Having the data about your daily calorie burn will be a constant reminder of the goal you are trying to accomplish.


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